Wildlife abounds around the Portal Peak Lodge.

Mesquite Bugs
Ladybugs in the Chiricahuas
Praying Mantis in Portal, Arizona
Velvet Ant
Roadrunner in a tree
Collard Lizard
Yarrow Spiny Lizard
Leopard Lizard
Desert King Snake
Gopher Snake
Mexican Hognose Snake
Lyre Snake
Blacktail Rattlesnake
Banded Rock Rattlesnake

Scenes from Cave Creek Canyon. These inspiring views are available at no additional cost when staying at Portal Peak Lodge.

Cave Creek Canyon from Portal AZ.
Looking towards Whitetail Canyon in the Chiricahuas
Base of Portal Peak looking into Cave Creek Canyon.
Cave Creek Canyon rainbow.
Cave Creek behind portal lodge.
Chiricahua Mountains.
Chiricahua Sky Islands.
East towards Rodeo New Mexico.
Portal,AZ, March 18, 2017.
In the Chiricahuas.
Looking toward the Peloncillo Mountains through agave spikes.
Looking toward Rodeo New Mexico.
Maple Camp.
Monsoon Storm, Portal Arizona.
Owl's Butte.
Cave Creek, below bridge in Portal Arizona.
Portal Arizona, Chiracahua Mountains.
Portal Arizona, Limestone Mountain.
San Simon Valley from Portal Arizona.
Portal Arizona.
South Fork Maple Camp.
South Fork.
Sunset in Portal, Arizona.